Alex is NOT your typical wedding photographer. Forget what you know! In fact, your friends and family probably won't even realise he IS the photographer! He'll blend into the celebrations and get to know everyone. He'll party with you....and most importantly, focus on capturing the raw, un-staged and unexpected moments throughout the day.

Alex is a punk rock kid at heart, rides a Harley, and is most happy getting greasy under his vintage Land Rover. An honest, genuine and unobtrusive photographer you'll WANT to have around. A photographer of real moments and genuine candid emotion. If you're after perfect faded moody photos of tiny brides on giant snowcapped mountaintops then he's probably not what you're after.....but if you want a photographer who just feels like another school mate....who won't leave when the party's just getting started. Who's down to share a brandy with Nana, perhaps smoke a cigar with uncle Bob and be there from beginning to the very end to capture all the little and unexpected moments of your day.....then by all means please read on!

Hey, I'm Alex! You can call me Captain! When I grow up I want to be a grey old fisherman living by the sea (or a pirate!) but until then, my favourite thing in the world is celebrating with my wonderful couples and telling the story of their day in photographs. I really can remember every single wedding like it was yesterday - The dancing, the craziness, the family and friends. I'm the photographer you WANT to have around on your big day. I don't do time restrictions, timelines or schedules, I simply want to be there to celebrate with you from the beginning of your day until the very end - to tell the visual story as it unfolds. Of course, I'll be there to capture all the important moments but more importantly, the smiles, the spills, the hugs, tears, high-fives, silly children and all of the unexpected moments in between. I truly believe that your wedding photographer should feel like a friend. You want to be comfortable and relaxed around the person you are trusting to tell the story of such an important day. Let's be friends!

There are thousands of photographers out there showing you their best landscape photos of tiny brides with sweeping veils on epic clifftops in foreign lands. That's not me! Don't get me wrong - I'll totally make rad photos with you on a mountaintop in a far off place - but for me, the most important thing to document is real people...little moments...the emotion...your family....the hugs, smiles and tears.... The randomness and madness - all of it! Your friends and family will all ask how you know if we've been mates for years! 

That's how I tell the true story of your wedding day! Hit me up! Let's get a coffee....or better yet, a BEER! It's on me. I'd love to meet ya!

Limited spaces left for winter 2023. Summer 2023/24 dates are almosssssst fully booked!... Now also accepting bookings for winter 2024 onwards.

 Usually I'll be found in sunny Devonport, Auckland, NZ, but wherever I am in the world I'm always keen for a coffee/beer or a catch-up on Zoom/Facetime! I'd be delighted to meet you both and hear a bit more about what you've got planned for the big day! Drop me a line HERE.

Be sure to follow my latests adventures on Instagram! (@weddingsbyalex)


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