I'd LOVE to hear from you for absolutely any reason at all! I've got a sweet li'l info booklet I'd love to send ya! Please fill in a few details in the form below. Tell me about you!! All your plans!! I'd love to know more! I'm based in Auckland  but there's never any additional travel cost nationwide! Always down for a good old road trip! I'm now accepting new bookings for summer 2021/22 AND believe it or not, 2022/23! phew! Please do get in touch! Drop me a line, tell me a little about the plans for the day! How did you meet! Do you like Land Rovers!? Let's make a time to catch up! I can't wait to meet you! Beer is on me!


Phone: +64212645732  -  Email: alex@imaginingthecity.net

Personal and Commercial photography portfolio can be found here: www.imaginingthecity.net

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