Sophie & Paul

"Not only do we love and treasure our wedding photos, but we’ve had so many compliments on them. People always tell us they look like something out of a high-end wedding magazine. The thing we loved most about having you photograph our wedding was how easily you fit into the celebration. Whether it was corralling everyone into a group shot or snapping away during dinner, you were part of the fun. Because of this you were able to capture so many touching, funny, and beautiful moments that made our wedding day incredibly special, and are such a joy for us to look back on. Our pictures were so fabulous and we enjoyed having you with us so much, that you are now the official wedding photographer for the Maarleveld sister weddings! And we are so excited to see how beautifully you capture the four very different celebrations. We’re so pumped to see you at Saskia’s wedding with the little one (cutest wedding photo prop ever we hope)"

Emma & Jim

"Your wedding is fast approaching! And you’ve got 30 tabs open full of photographers. You whittle them down to the top 5 best looking portfolios, and set out some meetings. You’re in for a relief when you meet Alex. And a treat! The technical quality of his work is amazing (nothing less will do), but it’s his personality and relationship with your guests are what make him shine. It’s this ability to capture some of the most amazing candid extras that will delight you. Alex shot our wedding, and in addition to shooting the mandatory beautiful portraits, he also captured the mood, the feel, and the story of our amazing day. All our guests loved him, and loosened up fast in front of his lens for some truly memorable and special images. We can’t recommend him highly enough! Thank you Alex."

Amelia & Robbie

"Nothing gives me the cringes more than having to smile and pose for a photo. I genuinely hate it! And the thought of having to spend all of my wedding posing and pretending to stare off into the distance for photographs made me want to elope to Vegas. Needless to say, looking for a wedding photographer was not a task Robbie and I were looking forward to. However the moment we received a reply email from Alex, we knew that it was all going to be OK! And in fact it wasn't OK, it was fantastic! Having Alex hang out with us on our special day was like chilling with a friend you hadn't seen in ages. Alex put us both at ease and made the day so much more enjoyable. He stuck around taking photos and partied with us until the wee hours of the night. He was so chilled and relaxed with family and friends that all of our guests thought he was a friend who did photography. The final results were incredible photos that captured the moments of the day perfectly, from a worried looking groom with threatening thunderstorms to mother's crying with happiness and every possible emotion inbetween. If you want a chilled, laid back photographer with a natural 'reportage' style that captures the beauty and emotions of the day, then Alex is your man. I couldn't recommend him highly enough, this review doesn't do him justice. In short, he is worth every penny, as every photo he takes will be your favourite!"

Helen & Gordon

"As an unusually camera shy bride I was astounded by Alex's amazing ability to blend with our party and sneak natural and candid shots of our guests and us, unaware and in the moment. Even outdoors in the rain he got managed to get up close and personal without interfering with the atmosphere. We've spent hours post-wedding shedding happy tears and reminiscing over the beautiful memories he captured in wonderful full colour and black and white for us. By the end of the do he had truly become one of our guests and we are so happy Alex could be part of our magical day! Big love Alex! "

Kristen & Richie

"Alex, we cannot thank you enough for bottling up our special day. Your relaxed personality and "in the moment" style made what could have been awkward posing so natural. Your experience in your profession shone through and we were so appreciative of your advice and artistic vision in finding the perfect photo spots. You were such a pleasure and so much fun to have around on the day, at times you were a complete ninja silently capturing every moment and others you were completely amongst it having fun with the guests whilst taking control to orchestrate every photo (with time to spare!). Thank you so much again Alex, we are so thankful we found you, your photos will be enjoyed for many years and generations to come :) "

Lydia & Matt

"Having Alex as our wedding photographer was one of the best decisions my husband and I made for our wedding. He was excitable, friendly, relaxed and came through with some amazing photography.

Our bridal photos were an enjoyable experience and Alex really took control, organising everyone and getting some awesome shots, neither of us wanted our photos to drag out and Alex was great at getting them done quickly and stress free (the most important thing on the day). We even had time for a few glasses of wine at the end of the shoot! Once the ceremony was over, Alex mingled with the crowd and seemed to really enjoy himself, this made for relaxed, friendly photos and let him get some really nice candid photos of our guests and us unwinding. We love you Alex."

Anna & Nick

"What can we say? WOW! Alex was exactly what we were looking for. He is not your typical wedding photographer. Picture a young, laid back, cool, artistic and highly talented guy with a love for rum and the ocean. Perfect for our laid back beach style wedding! We instantly became friends from our first meeting! When we came across Alex's web site, we could not stop looking at his work. It was natural, raw and highly captivating. He was easy going, flexible and pretty much up for any of our ideas about the big day. He was fully on board! We called and texted a lot in the lead up to the big day and nothing was ever a hassle or complicated. Catching up prior to the wedding made everything seem so easy and familiar. It was as though a friend was going to be photographing the wedding.

Our guests loved him! As he snapped away, he blended right in as if he was a guest himself. Alex is funny, fun and enthusiastic. Everything felt like a breeze. We didn’t have to think about anything as he had it covered.  He stayed till the end of the night drinking Whisky in true Scottish style. When we received the photos, we were blown away. So many amazing memories, photos we didn’t even know he had taken. The variety was so impressive, it felt like he had captured every aspect of the day and night. It never felt intrusive. We can honestly say the day went so well and it was awesome to have Alex capture all the great moments. Never did it feel awkward or uneasy and we had a laugh the whole time. His style is so great, not typical, boring wedding. They were natural, real and beautiful. They were not staged or posed and when we look back at them, they are exactly “us”. It was everything we could have dreamed of. Alex has the gift of the lens! Thank you, Alex, from the bottom of our hearts, we could not have asked for more."

Alice & Will

"So we have gone through the album about 10 times between last night and this morning! and I dont think we can express enough our gratitude to you for how amazingly you have caputured our day. Somehow (magically) you have managed to truely get the feel for the day through each photo and it is so much fun to actually go through and relive each moment through your photos. Simply stunning!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! You have done an incredible job (although to be honest we always felt you would) and you have blown us away!"  Alice & Will, England.

Sylvia & Tae

"Alex keeps a real subtle balance between being personable and professional at the same time not just on the big day but during all points if contact leading up to it. He instilled a confidence within us that he would deliver amazing photos and he did just that! we just trusted him to work his magic and enjoyed our day and it really shows just how much we did looking back on our pictures. He has a gift of capturing the emotive moments and will not miss anything! We had a Catholic white wedding while still acknowledging our Korean tradition followed by western style reception. Alex had no problem fitting in and mingling amongst all our guests in a day packed full of multiple cultures and vibes! He flowed through the day with us effortlessly and we felt so comfortable having him around. Super flexible and easy going guy with solid skills and passion for what he does. He is the guy we would pick again:) Thanks again Alex!!”

Kayla & Dave

"Alex came very highly recommended to us and we now know why!  He was so easy to talk to, bounce ideas from and willing to work around whatever we needed.  What I loved best was he was so involved in the wedding day and helped not only us but our guests feel at ease with photos.  Our guests and family were so surprised that we hadn't known him prior to needing a wedding photographer.  Alex took the time to get to know us as a couple prior to the wedding which helped him personalize our photos to suit us perfectly.  We couldn't be happier with our photos and will cherish them forever.  Thank you Alex, you really are the best!"

Olivia & James

"Instantly, through the email and skype communication back and forth, we knew Alex was the guy we wanted to capture our special day. His personable, outgoing and laid back nature makes it feel like you've been mates forever. James and I aren't huge fans of having our photo taken - especially the sentimental type taken at a wedding - and Alex made us feel at ease and entirely comfortable. All our guests and other people involved in our wedding day commented on how awesome he was, my hair and makeup ladies in particular noted he was one of the best they had seen. He is very flexible, happy to roll with the changes that may occur and yet guided and directed us to ensure we got the best images of our day. We were blown away with our photos; the variety, quantity and quality - all exceptional. He truly went beyond all our expectations and is a very talented and charismatic photographer"

"Alex, you could not have done a better job!!! You amazingly captured the positive atmosphere of the two wedding days in a very natural way. The photos are all exceptional and it is a gift to have them. We can recommend Alex to every wedding couple. He is the best! He made us feel entirely comfortable and our family and friends loved him because he is more like a friend than the typical wedding photographer. We are happy to see you back in Germany soon at our friend’s wedding!"

Monica & Chen

"In writing this testimonial, I went back and had a look through our photos. Each one capturing a special moment of the day, of us and our family and guests. I still look at our mini shoot in the park with slight embarrasment as I’m not one for being the focal attention and infront of the lens, yet still, I love how they turned out. And I can honestly say, we cannot be happier with our choice of having you as our photographer for our special day. Your cool, relaxed and warm personality helped in all of that, with the posed shots and the candid ones. Many times I wonder, “when did he take that photo?!”, because I didn’t even realise you were around at that particular moment. We loved having you around with your relaxed, bright, happy charm, all the while being a true professional. And so I say “thank you sooo much Alex”, for capturing many fond memories, we are soo thankful to have found you,  and can’t wait to have your photos printed and framed in our new home.” 

Emma & Ryan

"Alex was fantastic. I found him through a photographer who had photographed at our venue previously but was already booked for our date. I honestly can’t speak highly enough of Alex – we first met up with him for a drink (which turned to several drinks) and by the time it was our wedding day it was as if a friend was taking the photos. He capture moments we didn’t even see and didn’t tell us to do anything posed or fake. Both Ryan and I hate being centre of attention and Alex did a fantastic job of capturing the natural moments between us, our friends and family"

Sarah & Cons

We couldn't have wished for a more amazing photographer on our wedding day. Alex knew exactly where to be and when without needing any direction from us which meant we could just enjoy our day. He fitted in perfectly with the guests and was brilliant at organising and getting the best out of them for formal photos. Alex also went above and beyond by meeting with us a couple of times before the wedding and even helping out in the pre-wedding chaos. When Alex sent the photos to us Cons and I were blown away, he photographs in the style we love, creating really natural, unposed shots. We will treasure the photographs always.

Sam & Allan

When we were searching for a photographer for our wedding, our focus was on the quality and style of photographs, and someone that suited our personalities. We found Alex through a recommendation, and looking through his pictures we immediately appreciated his natural, flowing style of photography. We knew from the first time we spoke with him that he was our guy; a down to earth, relaxed soul, with a great attitude. Alex was brilliant on our wedding day throughout our initial preparations, ceremony and reception. As much as he was working he truely immersed himself as one of our guests while never imposing, or interrupting the natural flow of events. His presence was subtle, discreet, and completely welcome. As we are both camera shy, he was great at putting us at ease and allowing us to be as true to ourselves as possible. His style of documenting through pictures has really captured our day, and we will always be grateful of these beautiful memories.

May & Ryan

Alex is the photographer you want for your wedding or special event. 

Words cannot express how happy we are with Alex. He was able to make sure everyone was where they were meant to be, when they were meant to be there. This is not an easy task on a wedding day! Alex was able to capture the perfect lighting and mood and this is displayed in each one of his beautiful photos. We will cherish our wedding photos for the rest of our lives. Thank you Alex for being the perfect photographer. We are eternally grateful for your professionalism and amazing work!

Rebecca & Ben

Alex was the best photographer to share our day with. He was got on well with our family and friends, listened to what we wanted and managed to get an awesome mix of natural heartfelt photos of everyone together, in the beautiful bush setting where we got married, and also more set photos that worked well. He is very genuine and diligent. He puts a lot of care into what he does. I really felt like he wanted to do everything he could to get the love and celebration of our day perfectly captured for us and he pulled that off very well. I would definitely recommend Alex if you want high quality photos and to hang out with a lovely guy who will do his best for you on your special day.

Lisa & Kasper

“We chose Alex as our wedding photographer because of his ability to make us feel comfortable with his approach and for his understanding of what we wanted on the day.

During the ceremony and the reception, he was present but still invisible and capturing us better than what we could ever have imagined. His ideas and personality made us relax and the pictures turned out to be better than what we had hoped for.”

Debbie & David 9th April 2016

"We were lucky enough to choose Alex de Freitas as our wedding photographer!  He was 'laid back', 'chilled', 'different', 'quirky', 'fun', ... but never be fooled - this guy is seriously professional, talented, dedicated, artistic and one amazing photographer. Even nursing a severe knee injury, Alex supplied us with amazing shots of our wedding that told our love story perfectly. We have received such high praise feedback on the natural/non-staged/in the moment shots he captured enveloping a wide range of age groups at our April wedding. So happy, Alex! Thank you!

Augusta & Daniel

We are so pleased to have chosen Alex as our wedding photographer,

First and foremost the photographs of our wedding are fantastic! It was very important to me as the bride that our photographer was more of a guest than the hired help and Alex exceeded my expectations. 

He didn't miss a shot and yet you hardly noticed him all day. His communication was fantastic and would not hesitate to recommend him to any bride and groom to be. 

Alex is professional, talented, genuine and easy going, the ultimate photographer for your big day!

Caroline & Chris

Alex is incredibly talented, professional, and fun! When we met with Alex we knew immediately that his bright, fun, non-cheesy style was exactly what we were looking for. On the day of the wedding Alex was relaxed but attentive and thorough, putting everyone at ease. It was like taking photos with a friend who you implicitly trusted. When we wanted specific shots, he was there right away. When we didn't need anything, he was off taking amazing shots. After the wedding he turned around our photos quickly and they are beautiful! Alex did an outstanding job making us comfortable and capturing how happy and excited everyone was on our wedding day. Would absolutely recommend Alex to capture your special day!   -Caroline and Chris-

Emily & Peter

"Alex is magician. In a short moment, he become our family member, in another moment he become invisible man even he was there beside you taking incredible piece of art photographs. If you don't want to have more new friends, don't call Alex, since he will become the only friend that you will not find on your amazing wedding photos." 

Marie & Aidan

Alex was the perfect photographer for our wedding.  From the start, everything was easy.  We were able to meet him for a beer and get to know him a bit in London before the big day which was in New Zealand.  He was really laid back and made us feel at ease from the start and that continued on the wedding day.   Alex has a great style of blending in with the bridal party and guests, with the added perk that he takes amazing photographs.  When we were looking for photographers, we often looked at their pictures and couldn't imagine ourselves in the kind of posed shots we were seeing, but Alex has a very candid and natural style which we loved.   After the ceremony we went to take photos which was really relaxed and fun with Alex.  We had lots of time to chat with our friends and drink champagne amongst the photo taking and importantly to us,  the photos did not cut too much into our time with guests but still gave us so many lovely pictures.  Unlike so many photographers who will leave after the formalities are finished (or charge extra to stay on), Alex does not make it feel like he is doing work, but that he is there to celebrate with you.    It was great to see Alex having fun and enjoying the whiskey bar with our friends and our favourite photos of the day are all the amazing action shots from the dance floor.  There are so many great moments from the day and of our guests that Alex captured that we may not have noticed or remembered had he not been there.  So many of our guests commented the next day on our awesome photographer and how much fun he was.  Alex sent through a handful of photos of some of the highlights within about two days, which we couldn't wait to see, followed by an album of highlights within about two weeks which we really impressed by.  Not only that, but afterwards we also got the rest of the photos, hundreds of amazing shots that really captured the day.  Alex was by far the best investment we made for our wedding and we cannot recommend him highly enough.

Natasha & Simon

Alex, it really was just like having a friend shooting our wedding. You brought an enthusiastic and energetic approach and made the less "fun" moments of our big day really enjoyable. The final prints you provided perfectly captured our day and we would happily recommend you to anyone looking for a professional photographer. To be honest Alex, you were awesome! We couldn’t be happier with our photos! Thank you so much!     Tash + Simon 

Lisa & Warwick

"We chose Alex because of his 'documentary' style of photography which we felt would capture our most important day with the most important people. Alex listened to our ideas and delivered a beautiful mixture of both professional and causal on our wedding day which matched our expectations precisely. He blended in so much with our guests that we didn't notice him sneaking around the ceremony to get our perfect shots! Some of our friends even thought he was one of the guests! He was a great combination of relaxed and instructional during our bridal party photo shoot which ensured all of us remained calm after a crazy start to the day! We specifically wanted photos which captured everyone in the moment rather than being posed and Alex was incredibly talented at achieving this! Despite his relaxed and easy-going nature on the wedding day, he produced all the shots we wanted and a lot more. He even went above and beyond and stayed later than agreed to capture our end of night sparkler exit! He went to great lengths to ensure once captured, digital photographs were backed up in multiple locations so they were secure. The photos we received from him after the wedding were absolutely stunning and we couldn't have wished for anything more. We recommend Alex to anyone who is looking for a photographer who blends in with the crowd and knows how to capture exceptional photos. He has a friendly, accommodating and knowledgeable approach to his profession. With the day now a part of our history, reliving all those moments, through his photos, is something we savor. Lisa & Warwick.”

Natalie & Andrew

"Alex does an amazing job of capturing the moment. A naturally talented photographer and a SUPER nice guy who goes out of his way to get the best photographs of your day!"

Alley & Clint

I actually spent the other night going through wedding photos again and all those emotions of excitement came rushing back! That's how amazing the shots are. Clint and I are, to this day, so stoked that our cyberspace paths crossed with yours because we could not have found a more perfect artist for the job!!

Both Clint and I wanted a very chilled vibe to our day which was reflected and captured through the were exactly what we were looking for.....the EPITOME of chilled, un-staged, go-with-the-flow good-times haha! 

From the get-go things were perfect...a quick email introduction which was then followed by a few prompt and professional email exchanges, two or three blurry (damn dodgy London cafe wi-fi network) Skype sessions with our little man hitting the "call end"button  and our eventual face-to-face meeting in a cute Onehunga cafe 4 days before the wedding. That eventual meeting left us on the biggest high in the lead up to our wedding! We were having venue dramas beforehand and everything was heading south very quickly but then we caught up with you that day in Onehunga and you were calm and happy and spoke about your love of rum and group selfies, you spoke about YOUR excitement of being able to shoot our day and immediately thereafter, everything was great again! The nerves vanished and you made us excited again! You were the perfect man for the job, we already knew this after stalking your work on Instagram, but that catchup in Onehunga confirmed that and left Clint and I feeling like we could have literally gotten married in the middle of nowhere and it would've been great because we knew, after meeting with you, that our photos (the most important aspect of our wedding, to us) were going to be epic and memorable!

And that's exactly what we all or nothing photographer who got drenched in sea water, who got sun burnt due to transport hopped into a water taxi with us on a scorcher of a day in Hahei and captured the realest (most HILARIOUS!!) photos of us exiting and entering that same water taxi at our ceremony destination. At the reception you joked and blended so well with the guests who all absolutely loved you, some even thinking that you were a guest yourself. You laughed at/with us during our portrait photos - when both Clint and I felt so awkward being "sexy/lovey dovey" but somehow got us to do what we  needed to do and produced one of my absolute favourite shots of us dancing like absolute idiots on the grass - we felt comfortable and that in itself is an amazing skill that not many people have. You also partied well into the night, capturing some of the more "lively" pics towards the end of the night...a true professional. And our end package, what we received in the week or so after our wedding, can only be described as amazing...the photos surpassed all our expectations...they were natural - cute ugly face cries, looks of fear jumping into the sea water, glazed eye exchanges towards the end of the night, butt gropes on the dancefloor, looks of infatuation and adoration shared between couples, scrunched up nose laughs...all so real!! The variety of shots were insane!!! We still struggle with deciding which ones to get developed for our house because we want them all!

Thank you so much for being our eyes on the day - there are so many intimate and roudy moments that we would have missed had it not been for you. We cannot recommend you enough to any potential brides and grooms in years to come - you're the real deal!!!

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